We create an optimal
search experience for the user.

OpenMail is a certified partner of the internet’s leading ad networks. We ensure your ads are placed in front of the right people at the right time.

How it works


OpenMail qualifies user search intent.

Unlike search engine traffic, OpenMail surveys use a series of data points to pinpoint the most relevant ads for a given user.

This real-time optimization leads to heightened intent and increased conversion.


Email response is one of the most reliable indicators of user intent on the web.

OpenMail’s proprietary algorithms recommend content to specific segments of our partners’ email lists.

Once a user subscribes, opens, reads and clicks on an email, their interest in the content is highly prevalent.

Lead Generation

OpenMail helps convert users by tracking their interest or inquiry into products or services. Leads are created for purposes such as list building in an effort to only target users with products or services they have expressly shown interest in.


With Native marketing, the product and content are merged with the specific intent to promote a targeted product. These integrated marketing methods offer relevant sponsored content in a format similar to the other content on a site.


User-level Targeting

Email hash, device ID, cookie based

Vertical Coverage

Hundreds of top-level categories serving millions of diverse consumers


"Always on" UI, keyword and category multi-variate testing

Highest traffic quality

No bot, incentivized, or spam traffic

Data Driven

Publisher or 3rd party supplied, PII protected

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting API, FTPS, Console